The Virtual Event Trailblazers Summit is This Week!

Everyone keeps asking how to recreate an event online, make it engaging, and provide ROI for exhibitors and sponsors … so we’re going behind the scenes to get answers from those who are leading the way.

Join us for the Virtual Event Trailblazers Summit for trade show and event organizers on May 20 and 21. We’re featuring organizers who have already made the transition to take their events online.

Featured speakers include:

  • Daniel McKinnon from MODEX 365
  • Elena Grant from Coverings Connected
  • Rich Vallaster, Erin Geoffroy, and Teresa Zimmerman from Personifest
  • John Toner from United Fresh LIVE!
  • Shana Abrahams and Sean Murphy from the Arizona Dental Association

You’ll hear sound advice and honest perspectives on how these events of all types and sizes overcame the current challenges and created landmark experiences. The strategies and tactics they share will not only help your events survive uncertain times, but also be better prepared for the future.

All sessions are available for free, and will be archived for those who can’t attend on those dates. To view the complete schedule & get registered, visit:

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