Weekly Insights: Q1 Results from CEIR Come as No Surprise

Go Live Together

It’s official … the exhibition industry’s growth spurt has halted, at least for now.

The CEIR Total Index shows that nearly 75 percent of events in the last half of March were canceled, dropping the quarter’s total by 15.1 percent from last year. But if you exclude those canceled events, the quarter was on track for modest growth once again.

There are a lot more in-depth statistics available on the CEIR website, and I encourage you to go study them. Painful, I know, but it’s essential to understand just how important our industry is to the overall economy, and how critical it is to find a way to get back to business.

If you want to help advocate for our industry, check out the Go Live Together coalition, which has updates you can share and social media tools you can download (including the graphic used for this post).

Virtual Lunch in the Exhibit Marketers Cafe

And if you want to connect with a community of others in our industry who are staying on top of the news and sharing resources and tools, please join us for Virtual Lunch in the Exhibit Marketers Café. We meet online Tuesdays at Noon CT – you can learn more and get the current links here.

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