Weekly Insights: New Insights on Material Handling & Labor Costs

New Insights on Material Handling & Labor Costs

It’s no secret that trade show labor costs have skyrocketed since shows restarted. In fact, the rates have been outpacing inflation – some by more than 30%.

The 2022 Material Handling & Labor Rate Survey compares average labor and material handling rates from 16 major cities in the U.S. It was produced by The Exhibitor Advocate, in partnership with Tradeshow Logic and EVOLIO Marketing, with support from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

The report breaks down rates for electrical labor, installation & dismantle labor, and material handling, and discusses the impact on exhibitors.

To request your own copy of the report, visit The Exhibitor Advocate website.

And for more insights on show labor and material handling, check out my two-part interview with Candy Adams:

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