Decoding the Mystery of Drayage

Decoding the Mystery of Drayage

This episode was inspired by what I meant to be a simple conversation-starter post on LinkedIn: “If you could wave a magic wand and make your biggest trade show challenge disappear, what would it be?”

The nearly-unanimous answer: Drayage (also known as material handling).

So I called on my friend, Candy Adams, who is my go-to resource on the topics of drayage, I&D, and labor. She graciously agreed to share her insights with you. And so in this episode you’ll discover:

  • Where the concept of drayage came from and why it’s often so expensive
  • How material handling costs are calculated (and what CWT means)
  • What some shows are doing to make budgeting easier for exhibitors
  • Why you should never accept your drayage bill at first glance
  • How to save money by planning ahead and asking the right questions

And this is only part of what Candy had to share. Watch for Part 2 of her interview, where we focus on tips for installation and dismantle (better known as I&D).

Candy Adams
Candy Adams

Candy Adams, better known throughout the exhibit industry as “The Booth Mom®”, is a multi-certified veteran hands-on exhibit project manager with 490 shows under her belt. She’s also an exhibit staff and exhibit management trainer, speaker and consultant.

She guides exhibitors through the trade show maze of strategy and tactics, and nurtures them to maximize the return on their exhibit investment while cutting costs.

She’s best known throughout the industry for her writing on best practices, penning monthly award-winning column, “Exhibiting 101” for EXHIBITOR Magazine and training tens of thousands of exhibit managers at EXHIBITORLive for 22 years. You can reach her via her website,

Here are a couple of her articles to give you even more tips on drayage:

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