Road Show: A Tour of Craftsmen Industries

Today, we’re taking the show on the road … literally … to St. Charles, MO, for a “soundseeing” tour of Craftsmen Industries, one of the nation’s manufacturers of custom vehicles for road shows. Our guest is Rich Ruppe, who handles Special Projects Sales for Craftsmen.

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You’ve seen their vehicles on the road …

DSCN0847 DSCN0849
From the South Beach Diet glass-body vehicles …

DSCN0851 … to Hershey’s “53 Feet of Chocolate” …
DSCN0852 … to Lipton’s tea bottle on wheels …

DSCN0853 … to the Pringles can traveling stage.

“Wrapping” a vehicle means attaching the custom graphics.

Visit the Craftsmen Industries Web site to learn more about their various vehicles and other special event projects.

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