100 Trends to Watch in 2012

Technology, food, and human interactions are all included in this list of people and things that will shape consumer behavior in the coming 12 months. JWT Intelligence has released their seventh annual forecast of consumer trends, and they’ve proven to be pretty accurate in the past.

Check out the complete list on Slideshare (shown below), or view a summary of 10 Trends on the JWT site. As you view the list, think about which items you believe will influence the world of meetings and trade shows. Here are the six I choose as most applicable (not in order of importance):

  • #5 – Anywhere, any-way shopping (covered in a previous post)
  • #8 – The Attention Economy
  • #12 – BYOD – Bring Your Own Device
  • #34 – Hydration Stations (Can you say “sponsorship opportunity”?)
  • #55 – Play as a Competitive Advantage
  • #90 – Video-grams

(Thanks to Mel White for pointing this report out in the Classic Exhibits blog!)

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