Looking to Reinvent Your Exhibit in 2012?

Here are some tips on tech-related design trends (including apps & tablets) that aren’t too difficult to implement. Also check out this list of hot new promotional ideas introduced at PPAI Expo. My faves are #5 – the Tabber wrist band (interesting way to make your promos go viral) and #9 – WOW! Personal Branded Assistance (like a real-life version of iPhone’s Siri). Have you tried using QR codes yet? Read how this experiment the Hilton Hotel did at last month’s PCMA Annual Meeting turned out!

For show organizers:

You know that these days having good Internet access is a must for your event. So here’s a checklist of things to consider when selecting an Internet provider for the show. (This list is for informational purposes only. It’s published by a conference Internet provider company, but I have no personal experience with them so cannot offer any kind of recommendation.)

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