This Week in Exhibit Industry News

If you’ve ever felt like what we do in this business doesn’t really make much of an impact, check out this study presented recently at the World Economic Forum. They’ve now discovered that meetings, conventions and trade shows not only have an economic impact, but also help to promote world peace!

And speaking of travel, the US Travel Association has rolled out a Congressional Awareness Campaign. They’ve selected 12 metro areas which bring in the most significant revenue and jobs and will be educating the 43 Congressional leaders from those areas with industry statistics and insights. To see what cities are on the list, check out this article from EXPO Magazine. {Since this was originally published, EXPO Magazine has ceased to exist.}

It seems that nearly every week there’s more encouraging news coming from expos across the country. Now the Winter Fancy Food Show, PCMA, and the National Retail Show join the ranks of record-breaking attendance! According to TSNN, the Winter Fancy Food Show at the Moscone Center in San Francisco had 18,000 buyers, PCMA had more than 3,743 attendees, and the National Retail Show drew 25,500 attendees.

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