Weekly News & Insights: Frequent Traveler Edition

Image: iStockphoto/jsmith

As trade show professionals, we often spend a lot of time on the road, so here are some tips & tidbits to assist as you travel to those upcoming shows this fall.

Frequent travel can take its toll in many ways, including decreased mental capacity and productivity as well as increased stress levels, according to a recent study. To help ease the effects, pad your travel schedule with a little extra time on both ends so you’re not racing from point A to point B.

While you’re at it, better allow extra time for those airport security lines. The latest proposed TSA budget cuts would reduce checkpoint support by 41 percent, and when passengers are waiting as long as 50 minutes in airports like Phoenix Sky Harbor and San Francisco International, that isn’t good news. But in spite of this, the TSA is more popular than Congress! According to a recent Gallup poll, more Americans believe that the TSA is doing a good or even excellent job (54 percent) vs. the approval rate of Congress (16 percent).

Ever wondered whether that portable electronic device you forgot to turn off could wreak havoc with the plane’s critical systems? How about the effects of all that recycled cabin air? The New York Times did the research and has answers for these and several other FAQs (Frequent Airline Questions).

Another concern of frequent travelers is safety, especially at the hotel. Here are some great tips for both meeting planners and exhibitors, courtesy of Meetings & Conventions magazine. The good news is that hotels are really ramping up their efforts to keep guests safe. One area that still poses a major threat at hotels and airports is data security, so beware when using shared networks.


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