Weekly Insights: How Welcoming are Your Follow-up e-Mails?

Graphic: © Pixelbuddha

The show is over. You know the importance of follow-up e-mails, so you send out a blanket “thanks for stopping by” form letter. Bet that will make attendees feel all warm and fuzzy – NOT!

Problem is, even at this stage you’re still competing with all the other exhibitors – or at least those who know enough to follow up.

Want to spark up that initial e-mail (or all the ones to follow)? Check out this article from Sumo.com with loads of inspiring real-world examples demonstrating how to personalize content, use FOMO (fear of missing out), invite readers to opt-in for future promotions, and more. And oh yes, in true Sumo fashion, there are also a variety of e-mail templates you can download to build your own campaigns.

So just say “no” to boring e-mails!

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