Weekly Insights: Tap Into Creative Marketing Tools

Photo: © Depositphotos.com/SergeyNivens

Technology these days is evolving at lightning-speed. And if you’re not involved in the tech world, it’s likely there are new tools out there you could be using to market your trade shows and events, if only you knew about how to make them work.

For example, just yesterday I sat in on a webinar that featured a case study using augmented reality (AR) as a trade show marketing strategy, and it was phenomenal! (I’m hoping to host the savvy exhibitors as Trade Show Insights podcast guests soon.)

But that’s only one of the emerging tools out there. So here’s an article that outlines 11 fresh tools and trends for you to check out. (You’ll notice that AR tops their list.) Here are my thoughts on a few of them:

  • YouTube sponsorships: In case you haven’t heard, next month YouTube will be eliminating the option for many smaller video producers to continue participating in the advertising program. So it’s likely that many of them will be looking for other ways to generate revenue for their video channels. That means the timing may be right for them to be incredibly receptive to working with you on promoting your trade shows and events.
  • Drones: The jury’s still out on this for me. While I love the video footage generated by a talented drone pilot, I’m still not sure about using drones indoors. (And there may still be some regulations limiting this in certain venues.)
  • Instagram: While I’m not an Instagrammer, I do see the value in using this social media channel to promote events. Inside the article, you’ll find a video tutorial with tips on how to do it right.
  • Solving, Not Selling: This should be at the heart of all marketing. In order to reach attendees, you need to show them how your product, service, or event will solve their most pressing challenges.

So what new and emerging tools are you using to market your trade shows and events? Please share in the comments below.

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