Lead Management in a Post-GDPR World

Jay Tokosch

Chances are you’re still recovering from all the mad rush to comply with the GDPR deadline last month. But just because that date has passed doesn’t mean you can relax just yet.

Today’s guest expert is Jay Tokosch, CEO of Core-apps. Scroll down to listen as he offers some post-GDPR tips and a bit of perspective, including:

  • Why these new regulations matter for all shows (even if you think you don’t have European attendees)
  • What data management responsibilities show organizers have
  • Why exhibitors share in that responsibility as well
  • How to handle attendees who opt-out of communications
  • What you need to know about sharing attendee data with third-party vendors

Jay Tokosch serves as CEO of Core-apps, a leading provider of event apps and event management software. The company, which was founded in 2009, now supports more than half of the Top 250 Trade Shows. To view the Core-Apps GDPR policy, click here.

And here’s a previous TSI post with a GDPR Checklist for you.

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