How to Create a Post-show Lead Nurturing System

Sandra Martini

Just because the trade show has ended doesn’t mean your job is done. Actually, that’s when the relationship with all those newly-gathered leads truly begins.

Contrary to what many exhibitors assume, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to build that relationship. Guest expert Sandy Martini shares insights on:

  • What lead nurturing is and how it can be a win-win for both you and the lead
  • What forms nurturing could take (including one simple thing almost no one does!)
  • When to send cards and gifts (it’s not when you might expect)
  • How to keep leads engaged without feeling overwhelmed
  • How to nurture leads and clients using the Escalator™ principle

Sandy comes from a background which includes working in the marketing department during the launch of AmeriCorps, as well as serving as Director of Business Operations for a national satellite TV company. She now uses the skills she gained during those years as a consultant, working with business owners to develop the systems and processes needed for creating a thriving and sustainable business.

If you’d like more information (or want to experience Sandy’s nurturing system in action), you can request her free report, The Art of Extreme Client Care, at You can also find her on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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