What to Ask Before Buying Your Next Giveaway Items

Rama Beerfas
Rama Beerfas

If you’ve been in the trade show world for very long, you’ve likely seen examples of giveaways gone horribly wrong.

On today’s podcast with guest expert Rama Beerfas, we share stories of low-tech items that went straight to the nearest trash can (or to the hotel maid) and high-tech items that created big safety hazards. You’ll discover how to avoid disasters like these with questions you never knew to ask (hint: it’s not “what’s hot or trendy?”) plus things to look for when considering a promotional item, such as:

  • Why a newly in-demand, eco-conscious item could be hiding something
  • What should be inside the most popular tech gadgets
  • How to avoid giving gifts that get left behind
  • plus Rama’s “4 Rules for Trade Show-Friendly Giveaways” (plus one of my own)

Rama Beerfas is the founder and owner (although she prefers Chief Solutions Specialist) of Lev Promotions, a promotional marketing consulting company founded in 2002. She works with clients to create strategic memorability™ through promotional products to promote connections with clients and prospects.

She earned a BA in Spanish from Cal State, Northridge and a BA in Hospitality Management from UNLV. She earned her MAS (Master Advertising Specialist) in 2018 and is currently pursuing her CTSM (Certified Trade Show Marketer) designation.

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