Weekly Insights: Giveaway Strategies & Options (What Exhibitors Are Saying)

Trade show giveaways work best when part of an overall marketing strategy instead of a willy-nilly, “let’s hand ’em out by the thousands” approach.

But beyond the basic strategy, the most effective exhibitors have a more in-depth perspective. Our friends at SocialPoint conducted a survey to discover exhibitors’ key strategies, features, choices, and benefits of great giveaways. Below are a few highlights, but you can find a more complete breakdown on the SocialPoint blog (including a list of the actual items that worked best for them).

  • 53% offer multiple levels of giveaways, with more valuable gifts going to the best leads
  • 36% require attendees to provide info or watch a demo to get the item
  • 61% choose items that are perceived as valuable and useful to their target market
  • 83% say the biggest reason for giveaways is to help booth visitors remember them after the show
  • 75% say giveaways help booth staffers start conversations

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  1. Marlys Arnold September 21, 2018
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