Incorporating Wellness Into Expos & Events

Inspiration for this episode came from a recent ExpoChat, the weekly Twitter chat sponsored by TSNN. (You’ll find a transcript of that chat here.) The discussion revolved around how trade shows and events can help attendees continue their wellness routines (or discover new ones) while at events.

Lots of great ideas surfaced, and so I invited two ExpoChatters with expertise in the wellness world to expand on that conversation and share their insights. Listen to my interview with Hadley McClellan and Nicole Burkart to discover:

  • Benefits for both attendees and show organizers when wellness elements are included
  • Aspects of wellness beyond exercise
  • Creative ways to incorporate wellness breaks (or “Fitworking,” as Hadley calls it)
  • How wellness activities create positive memories and return attendees
  • Ways to overcome some of the common objections to adding wellness elements

About Hadley McClellan:

Hadley McClellan
Hadley McClellan

Hadley McClellan has planned and managed conferences for more than 15 years. She discovered her love of yoga in 2006 and quickly realized the positive effect it could have on her life, especially at work. When she was at events away from home, she would bring her yoga mat and practice in her hotel room, often times finding a yoga studio too much effort and time away from where she was supposed to be. When that happened, she missed the energy of a yoga room and the discipline of the practice taught by other instructors.

In 2013, Hadley received her certification to teach yoga while still managing major conferences and knew there had to be a way to combine her two passions. While teaching yoga at a conference in 2016 to event organizers, she realized what was missing in conferences – the link to wellness. EvConFitness was built to provide that value add to attendees.

You can connect with her via her website at or on Twitter @EvConFitness.

About Nicole Burkart:

Nicole Burkart
Nicole Burkart

Conference Care Packages came out of Nicole Burkart‘s 20 years spent on the road as a conference and event photographer, and the things often needed to prepare for a worst-case scenario. They contain comfort items, healthy treats, and nostalgic favorites in packaging customized for a show’s demographic, industry, or conference location.

As a wonderful side benefit, the packages are assembled by the clients of the Walnut Street Center, a nonprofit human service agency that provides adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live engaged and meaningful lives.

You can connect with her through her website at or on Twitter @ConfCarePackage.

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