Weekly Insights: Creating an Invitation That Intrigues

Creating an Invitation that Intrigues
Background graphic: © Depositphotos.com / sgursozlu

Pre-show promotions can be simple and straightforward, yet still be effective. But why not put some extra effort into it and really wow attendees?

Here’s an example of an invitation that creates an air of mystery and intrigue, along with a high level of curiosity that begs to be fulfilled at the event. Now while it’s for a luxury VIP event in the desert, there are definitely lessons to be learned for trade show exhibitors as well.

So why does it work? Here are a few things you’ll discover in the video below:

  • Multiple tactile elements are included
  • It’s presented as a gift to unwrap
  • There’s also the element of a scavenger hunt

Granted, this is definitely not a bare-bones-budget type of invitation. But pay attention to the details to discover ways to create more intrigue with your pre-show promotions.

Have you seen or created an invitation with intrigue? Please share in the comments!

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