Bringing Data to Life

Events produce a wealth of data, but often we don’t know how to make the most of it. On this week’s Virtual Lunch in the Exhibit Marketers Cafe, Marissa Maybee and Eric Misic from Bear Analytics help us see the potential in the data we collect and use it to tell the story of our events. They also share insights from the TSNN Top 250 Dashboard

Here are links to items mentioned during the interview:

About Eric Misic:

Eric Misic
Eric Misic

Eric Misic is the VP of Business Development and Co-Founder of Bear Analytics. Serving as Bears’ data evangelist, he uses his 15 plus years of trade show, conference and large association event experience to ensure Bear’s solutions are actionable for the marketplace and can be easily translated to accelerate growth in marketing, attendee acquisition, and sales activity.

About Marissa Maybee:

Marissa Maybee
Marissa Maybee

As the Senior Director of Engagement and Analytics, Marissa works with clients to set the roadmap for each project. She also spends a lot of time producing custom data visuals and dashboards. She believes every data set has a story to tell and it’s her job to find the story hidden within, then make it compelling and empowering for clients.

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