Weekly Insights: Let’s Get Digital

While everyone is anxious to get back to in-person expos and events, there’s no doubt that the online component isn’t going away anytime soon.

That’s been the topic of discussion on two recent editions of #ExpoChat, the weekly Twitter conversation for the trade show community.

On January 13, the focus was on the pros and cons of virtual trade shows/events plus what lies ahead, including some data that’s been gathered in the UFI and Explori Global Recovery Insights study.

Then on January 27, we shifted to “Show Me the Money: Increasing the Perceived Value of Virtual Trade Shows.”

You can read transcripts of the chats using the links above. If you’d like to get involved in future weekly chats, here’s a quick video that explains more about how it works. You can see details on the upcoming topic plus links to previous chats on the TSNN website. (Note: I am one of the #ExpoChat moderators.)

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