Discover a Fun New Way to Meet Online

If you participated in Spark, or if you’ve attended any of our Virtual Lunch networking events, you’ve experienced Airmeet.

But in case you weren’t at any of these events, or if you’re asking “what’s Airmeet?” – let me introduce you to one of my favorite under-the-radar event tools. One of the reasons it gets my vote is for all of the opportunities it offers exhibitors and sponsors. (Note: You may spot a familiar face in this video …)

The advances they’ve launched since I signed up for my account less than a year ago are amazing. And some of the features shown in the video are even new since Spark in June.

If you’d like to learn more about Airmeet, here’s my referral link (and yes, I may receive a reward if you sign up, but I’d recommend them even without that). You can start with a free account to try it out for meetings up to 100 people (only booths won’t be available in that plan).

For more of a peek at how it works, here’s the demo I created for Spark. And hopefully we’ll see you at one of our future events hosted on Airmeet!


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