Putting Event Tech Trends in Perspective

Putting event tech trends in perspective

These days, it’s a full-time job to keep up with what’s happening in event tech. Ideas and tools are changing fast and it’s hard to know which ones you should be incorporating into your trade shows and events. So in this episode, we’re getting some straight-up perspective on what you should be paying attention to, including:

  • How you’re serving those who aren’t showing up for your in-person events
  • How AI (artificial intelligence) can help bring people together
  • What role digital tools play alongside physical events
  • What to consider for the metaverse and other emerging trends

About Josh Hotsenpiller

Josh Hotsenpiller
Josh Hotsenpiller

Josh Hotsenpiller is a premier thought leader on human connection. As a TEDx alumni and U.S. Department of State speaker ambassador, he travels globally, equipping and inspiring people across all sectors to re-learn and resurrect the power of human connection and soft skills. From keynotes to executive training, he partners with leading companies like HP Global and wrote the Beyond Allies EQ-based curriculum with Network of Executive Women.

Harnessing his desire to scale purpose-centered ideas, Josh co-founded Profits 4 Purpose, a SAAS software company empowering nearly one million global employees to volunteer and donate. After an exit from what is now Blackbaud, he founded and remains CEO of CrowdHub and Wisdom Capture. In 2020, he and his partners launched JUNO to enable deep connections to people, content and experiences for virtual and hybrid events, and to help clients realize 365-day community engagement.


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