Weekly Insights: Ideas to Overcome Rising Costs in Exhibiting

Ideas to Overcome Rising Costs in Exhibiting

Exhibitors (and their accounting departments) are always looking to keep costs down, but that’s even tougher now than ever with the rapidly rising costs of everything from materials to shipping to staffing.

So what’s a budget-conscious exhibitor to do?

Our friends at Steelhead Productions put together a great list of ideas. (View the full post with videos here.) While it’s focused on rentals, each of the items could apply to any exhibitor. Most are no-brainers during any economy. I mean why would you want to blow money on big-ticket items like hanging signs or giant monitors if these don’t really provide you with the ROI you need?

Too often exhibitors are all caught up in bells-&-whistles mode, instead of spending budget where it really has more bang for the buck – like in your marketing and your booth staff.

Savvy pre-show promotions and in-booth attractions are what drives traffic and gets the attention you need to connect with the right people. And once those people get into your booth, it’s your staff that solidifies that connection and leads people to take the next step to become clients. Everything else is really just eye candy.

If you want to zero in on ideas to get more bang for your exhibiting buck, why not book an Exhibit Marketing Brainstorm Session with me? We can spend about 45-50 minutes uncovering ways to make your next exhibit deliver on every dollar spent!

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