Join in the Book Launch Festivities!

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The NEW edition of Build a Better Trade Show Image debuts this month – and you have all kinds of opportunities to take advantage of the celebration!

Besides … what better way to kick off this year’s Build a Better Trade Show Image Week (Feb. 19-25)?

Here’s what’s coming up:

Now this isn’t the debut of the book. It’s actually an updated edition of the classic that exhibitors have relied on for the past two decades. The entire book has been revamped, with about 40 additional pages of timely insights and fresh examples. It’s designed for exhibitors of any size in any type of industry. You’ll discover new ideas, no matter how long you’ve been participating in trade shows.

When you order your copy from the Exhibit Marketers Café this week, you’ll get some cool bonuses, including a VIP invitation to join the Book Club Challenge later this spring. During the Challenge, you’ll walk through the sections of the book with me personally guiding you through each step.

Watch for more details throughout the week!

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