This Week in Exhibit Industry News

Although it was a short work week, here are some tidbits from the first few days of 2012:

How Many Exhibitions, Venues Are There?
According to a recent study by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, there are 1,197 exhibition venues worldwide with a total gross indoor exhibition space of 106.9 million square feet. Only one U.S. venue makes the top 15 list … and it’s not the one you probably expect! (Do these numbers seem a bit off, or is it just me?)

And it sounds like there may soon be another venue … the New York governor this week announced plans to build the country’s largest convention center, which will replace the Javits Center. (Link includes a video clip of the speech – fast forward to 15:44 to see the Javits portion.)

Detroit’s Cobo Center Adopts Construction Mascot: COBOTRON
Sounds like one of the Transformers brought to life! And a cool sidebar to this story is that a college student designed the mascot as part of a scholarship competition. (See photos here.)

How Associations are Targeting Young Professionals
I’ve been saying this for years, but it seems associations are finally beginning to catch on … if you don’t adapt to appeal to younger members, your association will soon cease to exist! Here are some good tips for an “association makeover.”

2011: The Year in Review
If you’d like a quick round-up of industry news from last year, check out this summary from EXPO.

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