Want More Results Per Square Foot of Exhibit Space? Follow the Genius Bar Model

I’ve often said that exhibiting is a lot like retail, but here’s a new twist: Make your exhibit more like Apple’s Genius Bar.

Whether or not you’re a Mac person, you can learn a lot from how their stores work. This article from the Harvard Business Review outlines why the Genius Bars are successful and how other companies can follow their model. (And be sure to take note of what average sales per square foot at Apple Stores are, compared to other retailers.) Some key ideas that apply to exhibitors:

  • Make your exhibit reflect your corporate personality
  • Staff your booth with a variety of experts from within your company
  • Use the A-P-P-L-E method for training booth staffers (check out the article for details)

Bottom line? Use your exhibit as an opportunity to build and enhance customer relationships, which in turn creates loyal, evangelistic fans.

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