Great Discoveries at EXHIBITOR 2012

If you’re looking for fresh ideas for exhibiting tools and techniques, there’s no better place than at the trade show for trade show people! This year, there were numerous creative promotion ideas, in addition to tech tools that impress attendees or make exhibitors’ jobs easier.


As covered in a previous post, the Digital Caricature Artist in the PRMconnect booth provided a clever booth attraction and giveaway all in one. But what wasn’t mentioned before is that PRMconnect also provides a great tool for lead capture, management and follow-up. Their Leadature system uses a customized Web browser to qualify attendees, instantly send e-literature to the customer’s inbox, and forward the lead information to the appropriate sales rep.

Think all in-booth video presentations are the same? Atmosphere will definitely make you look twice! This company combines the expertise of award-winning photographers, cinematographers and music producers to create stunning videos, which are then projected on state-of-the-art equipment. The result is some of the most amazing, stop-you-in-your-tracks realistic video ever! Available clips include landscapes and cities, as well as some impressive musical groups featuring one person per screen. To get the full effect, check out the sample videos on their site.

iPad kiosks are all the rage, and several debuted at the show. Classic Exhibits featured two versions: a counter insert and a free-standing steel and aluminum tower. (Watch this video for more information.) Armodilo Display Solutions featured their three-in-one kiosk that adapts for various types of tablets.

Babble Mobile Marketing introduced BabbleText, a mobile text marketing system that allows exhibitors to promote to attendees before the show. Once they opt-in, the system captures their mobile numbers for future marketing campaigns.

Promotion Tools:

If you’ve been looking for creative pre-show mailers or follow-up packages, Barnstorming Designs featured ready-to-mail designs in a variety of themes and packaging. From a mini treasure chest inside a map-covered mailing tube, to a racing-inspired invitation inside a black-and-white checkerboard tube, the company will deliver custom, personalized mailers that impress attendees and set the tone for your exhibit.

And speaking of mailers … if postcards are more your style, there are a lot of new options. AmazingMail now has die-cut versions with punch-out business cards or event tickets. Modern Postcard offers scratch-off capabilities if you want to do a “bring this to the booth to see if you won” promotion.

Tired of all the “been-there, done-that” tchotchkes? Say It with Style showcased a variety of eye-catching alternatives including unique pop-up snow globes and ship-in-a-bottles (pictured here), desktop cell phone holders, and a custom-cut acrylic note pad holder.

BuzzCard offered a twist on the pre-loaded USB drive: their credit card-style drives don’t store content, but rather auto-launches a micro-site which can be customized with information, videos, and even a library of downloadable collateral material (in place of loading it on the drive).

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