Weekly News & Insights: Attracting Attendees with Cars, Bikes & Pinball Machines

Photo: stock.Xchng / beermug
Photo: stock.Xchng / beermug

To attract attendees, you must first understand what gets their attention. There’s no point in doing an over-the-top promotion if nobody cares. But if you truly know your audience, the sky’s the limit on what fun things you can incorporate. Just check out these examples:

While the first three examples can inspire individual exhibitors, I see a lot of promise in the last two for how shows can evolve into more of a destination for their target audience. Both of these ideas take a “been-there-done-that” show and infuse it with new life and excitement, appealing more to younger attendees, while also keeping people on the show floor for longer periods of time.

So how will you take these ideas and incorporate new attractions into your booth or show?

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