Weekly News & Insights: Why I Love This Business

Graphic: Digital Juice
Graphic: Digital Juice

This week, I had the opportunity to spend time with about 25 exhibit designers, builders, and sellers at Shared Knowledge University, a conference hosted by Classic Exhibits (sponsor of Trade Show Insights). It confirmed a few things: first, that we’re a crazy, fun-loving bunch of people in this business … but also that we all have a passion for making our exhibitor clients look great on the show floor.

I had numerous conversations with people from all over the country about both the challenges and rewards of this business. But overall, I don’t think any of us would rather be doing anything else, even though we sometimes complain about things like drayage, technology glitches, and so on. I doubt there’s any other occupation out there with more of a family feeling, where industry events feel more like high school reunions – only you have a lot more in common with these people than you do with former classmates!

Whether we’re working or just hanging out after-hours, we go all-in. Plus there’s never a shortage of people who’ve got your back. We may sometimes take it for granted, but we are privileged to be a part of this wild and crazy trade show world. As one of my early mentors put it, “Trade shows get in your blood.” I can’t think of any other team I’d rather be a part of than this.


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