Weekly Insights: Have Fun with Your Brand

Paul-Bunyan-stickers_smWho says trade show exhibits have to be all stuffy and corporate-like? Chances are unless you’re focused on a life-or-death topic, you can find room to lighten up a bit and let some personality show through.

I’ve seen many examples of this, from exhibitors who created costumed mascots for their brand (and no, I’m not talking just about household-name mascots) to video games inspired by a product or brand. Attendees who experience this type of booth attraction will feel a tie to that brand and will definitely remember visiting the booth.

But what if you don’t have budget set aside for big expenses like that? Sometimes all it takes is a sheet of stickers.

Minnesota-based Label Works played on the stereotypes of their home state by creating a sheet of stickers featuring none other than Paul Bunyan. The big guy was surrounded by a few wardrobe items, along with winter accessories such as a Viking helmet and hockey stick. Because these were printed on their own removable stock using laser cutting, the items could be changed out to create new looks (aka Lumberjack Dress Up). And in case you think these were a bit too juvenile, you would be wrong. Because of popular demand there’s now also a summer collection with a fishing pole and baseball bat. On the back are a few fun facts about Paul and his big blue ox, Babe, along with information about the company. Another sheet of stickers includes a tongue-in-cheek analysis of Minnesota weather and a reminder that “It’s MinneSOta not MinnesoTA.”

Attendees walk away from the Label Works booth with a simple and fun reminder of the company, as well as a smile on their face. Now isn’t that way better than a pile of “we can do this and that and more blah, blah, blah” literature?

How can you have fun with your brand on the show floor? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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