Weekly Insights: Tools You Can Use

Graphic: © Digital Juice

Drayage. It’s one of those hot-button words in the trade show world, yet to many exhibitors it’s somewhat of a mystery. So here’s a tool that may help take a bit of the mystery away … at least regarding what to expect for costs. It’s an online Drayage/Material Handling Calculator, and it’s based on industry averages. It may not tell you the exact costs for drayage at your next show, but it will give you a starting point. (And if you’re still confused on what drayage is, basically it’s the cost of transporting your exhibit materials from the loading dock to your space on the show floor.)

On another note, check out the results of a recent exhibitor survey conducted by Display Wizard that covers everything from why companies choose to exhibit to how they follow up on leads. (Note that the survey was done in the UK, but the results are relevant for U.S. exhibitors as well.)


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