Weekly Insights: SciFi Meets Reality in Trade Show Technology

Graphic: © Depositphotos.com/vitaliy_sokol

Remember as a kid watching Star Trek (or even the Jetsons) and thinking how cool it would be to have all those amazing gadgets and tools?

Well that day has now come to the trade show floor. And no, we’re not talking about all the awesome products exhibitors are showcasing (although there’s that too). The future is now when it comes to cutting-edge tools available to improve the trade show experience.

  • Facial recognition software is speeding up registration lines, checking attendees in using a camera.
  • Chatbots are providing attendees with nearly-instant answers to their most common questions.
  • Holograms can now be used to demonstrate expensive machines in an exhibitor’s booth so they don’t have the hassle and expense of shipping to the show.

You can learn much more about these three technologies in an article from Northstar Meetings Group. And there’s another technology gaining massive momentum: mixed reality, or the ability to blend live action with projected media. There’s a great video showcasing several examples of this on the EXHIBITOR Magazine website (unfortunately, they don’t allow the option to embed, so you’ll have to go watch it on their site).

If you’re holding out for time travel or replicator technology … you may need to wait a bit longer. (Unless you consider 3D printers your solution for replicators …)

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