Weekly Insights: The Shows Will Go On

No one can say it hasn’t been a tough couple of weeks in the trade show world. It seems every day we wake up to news of more shows canceling due to health safety issues.

But not all shows.

There are some who have chosen to face the fear and forge ahead. Here are a few of those:

(Note: This list will be updated as new information comes in.)

And one exhibitor at CONEXPO-CON/AGG is taking a unique approach to their attendance at the show: the employees who participate will observe a self-quarantine after they return home. (You’ll find a video about that here.)

To counter all the negative news about the exhibitions and events industry, UFI and SISO have teamed up to create a special campaign. They have materials available to spread the word that “This Show is Open” and business will continue to be done. Show organizers can use the visuals (like the graphic in this post) and written content in their communications to exhibitors and attendees.

Those involved in creating this kit are clear about their mission:

“Exhibitions and events are essential to millions of businesses around the world. They exist to provide platforms for people and industries to meet, to trade, and to collaborate. Small and medium businesses in all industries in particular depend on exhibitions. And, like all types of events, they support the economy worldwide.” ~ Mary Larkin, UFI President

“Exhibitions and events are especially important in times of disruption. We stand to fulfill our obligation to maintain opportunities for people to meet wherever possible. As part of the exhibitions industry, we are committed to keep our exhibitions and events going around the world wherever we can do so.” ~ Greg Topalian, SISO Chair

“We have one simple message here. As an industry, we strive to make it possible for every company to come to the show floor, to seek to meet with industry peers, to drive the exchange about how and to what degree their respective industries are impacted by COVID-19, and to secure the successful future for their business.” ~ Kai Hattendorf, UFI CEO and David Audrain, SISO Executive Director

Download the “This Show is Open” materials at: www.supportingevents.org.

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