Leading from the Inside Out

Virtual Lunch - Leading from the Inside Out

This is the time when leaders will emerge.

Our industry is being put to the test – we’re all being put to the test. But as our guest, Heather Hansen O’Neill says, what happens next depends on how we choose to show up in the world.

So listen in to the rebroadcast of this week’s Virtual Lunch interview to hear Heather’s insights on how to:

  • Collaborate to move forward
  • Become a beacon of light for clients and prospects
  • Build bridges to your desired goals

Here are links to some of the things mentioned in the interview:

About Heather Hansen O’Neill:

Heather Hansen O'Neill
Heather Hansen O’Neill

As an award-winning speaker and author who fires up organizations and corporations on leadership, team development, and change management, Heather has helped clients from entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies improve their relationships and lead more effectively. She has helped her clients create deeper more meaningful relationships in sales and customer service resulting in increased customer loyalty and overall profit. In addition, the work she does to enhance understanding within and between departments has shown a better flow of productivity as well as higher ratings in employee satisfaction.

You can connect with Heather on LinkedIn or through her website, or request the free tips list she mentioned here.

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