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Virtual Lunch

In spite of what some may think, virtual events are not a fad that’s run their course. While they may not continue to look like they have over the past two years (or be as ubiquitous), they are a tool that’s worth learning how to master.

In this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, HeySummit CEO Rob Gelb shares tips to design virtual events that inspire more interest and impact, including how to:

  • Incorporate creative event formats and tools
  • Understand the definition of events (it may not be what you think)
  • Get speakers more involved before the event
  • Create more value for sponsors
  • Encourage participation in networking

Here are the links mentioned during the interview:

About Robert Gelb

Rob Gelb
Robert Gelb

Robert Gelb is the CEO of HeySummit, the event platform that creators and thought-leaders use to run summits, talk-series, and event-powered communities. Before HeySummit, Rob started Kindaba, a privacy-conscious social startup for families, and ran Bus 52, a nonprofit project (run from a school bus) that featured the production of 100 documentary-style video pieces highlighting people and organizations who were doing inspiring things across America but lacked recognition. He loves to talk impact, summits, startups, converted school buses, or anything Star Trek related.


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