Weekly Insights: Get Strategic with Your Budget

Get Strategic with Your Budget

“I have all the budget needed to cover everything in my exhibit marketing plan” – said no exhibitor ever!

So what do savvy exhibitors do?

They learn to spend where it matters, and cut back where it likely won’t impact the results of the exhibit. And yes, I realize that some costs are beyond your control, but you may be surprised there are still ways to trim down expenses.

Our friends at Steelhead Productions have a great article that details the five biggest factors that could eat up your budget, with suggestions on how to get more for your money. (Yes … perhaps even with show services!) Plus they offer pro tips on how to satisfy some hot items your wish list – like LED displays and hanging items – without busting your budget.

And if you want more budget-savvy tips, check out this podcast episode with some lessons from reality TV home makeover shows.

If you want to zero in on ideas to get more bang for your exhibiting buck, why not book an Exhibit Marketing Brainstorm Session with me? We can spend about an hour uncovering ways to make your next exhibit deliver on every dollar spent!

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