Could a Lemonade Stand Be Training for Future Exhibitors?

In honor of the first full day of summer in the U.S., here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at a summer tradition — lemonade stands — and how it relates to exhibiting. Enjoy!

Top 10 Signs Your Child is Destined to Join the Exhibit Industry

10.  Designs their lemonade stand for better traffic flow

9.  Creates pre-show mailers with a special offer for lemonade purchasers

8.  Sends out press kits and assigns a media liaison

7.  Offers novelty straws as a promotional giveaway

6.  Uses lead cards to compile a targeted list for next year’s lemonade stand

5.  Trains the stand’s staff by role-playing and gives instructions on engaging people

4.  Supervises the I&D of the lemonade stand

3.  Incorporates interactive demonstrations (squeezing the lemons)

2.  Uses large backlit graphic of a lemon wedge being squeezed into a glass

1.  Is considering adding a mobile lemonade stand for next year

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