Crafting Experiences That Captivate

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Designing an impressive exhibit display just isn’t enough anymore.

Attention spans are shorter, and attendees want experiences that not only educate about your products, but also involve and entertain them.

At the same time, sponsoring the opening reception or other official event at the show is likely outside the budget for many companies. So what’s a creative exhibitor to do?

Wendy Porter has decades of experience producing memorable events, and she joins us to share insider tips on:

  • Why it’s more important than ever to create experiences off the show floor
  • How to curate an exclusive experience for your ideal audience (with fun examples!)
  • Why the way you transport them to your event sets the tone
  • How to use in-booth activities to increase attendee dwell time
  • What an “Alice story” is and why it matters

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About Wendy Porter

Wendy Porter
Wendy Porter

Wendy is a seasoned event strategist and industry thought leader, who worked for over two decades in marketing and events for major US corporations including UnitedHealthcare, before founding her own meetings and events company, Wendy Porter Events LLC, in 2015.

Based in Minneapolis, WPE specializes in both live and virtual events, meetings, trade shows, conferences and VIP experiences. Producing over 1300 events and managing over $200 million in budgets, Wendy has won numerous national industry accolades and honors, most recently the 2024 Visionary Award with Smart Women in Meetings.

Her recent work as Vice-Chair of the Government Affairs team at the Live Events Coalition yielded a Congressional Bill that passed the House in April 2022. Her work supporting relief for the forgotten Live Events Industry during the COVID19 pandemic has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on the Shepard Smith Show on CNBC, as well as in various media across the state of Minnesota.

She serves on the National Board of Directors of the Live Events Coalition, is the Chair/Founder of the Minnesota Chapter of the LEC, and was the co-chair of 5050 Women On Boards, Minnesota Campaign, from 2019-2021.

When she’s not traveling the world for business or pleasure, you’ll find her speaking (in German!) to the plants in her award-winning garden or loving on her Australian Shepherd puppy.


(Transcript coming soon)


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