What Exhibitors Can Learn from Birds

Have you ever spent any time birdwatching? It’s fun to see how birds behave and interact with one another. In fact, there’s a lot we can learn by watching them, including some very valuable lessons for your upcoming trade shows!

1. Birds know how to find food.

In order to survive, birds must learn where the food is most likely to be found and then hang out there.
Exhibitor Lesson:
Go to the shows whose audience best matches your target demographic.

2. You’ve got to show off!

Birds aren’t shy. Peacocks display a fan of their colorful plumage, cranes dance, and many birds have loud calls to gain attention.
Exhibitor Lesson:
Don’t count on being noticed on the crowded show floor — DO something to attract attention.

3. Stick close to the nest.

Birds spend a great deal of time building their nest, then stay close by for as long as there are chicks in the nest. (Otherwise predators could swoop in!)
Exhibitor Lesson:
Don’t abandon your booth as long as the show is open and there are people walking the show floor.

4. Traveling in a flock offers better lift.

Canadian geese fly in a V-shape to maximize aerodynamics.
Exhibitor Lesson:
Make sure your entire team is flying in formation and working toward the same goals.

5. Develop keen vision.

Eagles and hawks hunt from high above the earth and can spot a small bird or fish from many feet away.
Exhibitor Lesson: 
Learn to read the signals of a prospect from several feet away in the aisle, but don’t attack them like an eagle!

6. Make it look easy.

Ducks look graceful on the surface but are paddling like mad below the water.
Exhibitor Lesson:
Make a plan and work smart before the show so that you can look calm and cool when interacting with attendees on the show floor.


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